• You hide things and lie to me,
    And it really peeves me off.
    You act like were best friends,
    When were really not.

    You don't know me,
    And I don't know you.
    That's how should be,
    Let's keep it this way.

    Why change now,
    I'll be gone soon.
    Before you even realize,
    That you didn't really know me.

    I tried to show you who I really was,
    But you wouldn't listen.
    You said "What's wrong",
    When I showed my true feelings.

    For so long I hid,
    Behind the fake smiles and hyperness.
    Then I showed my true self,
    Serious, somber, and uncaring.

    You looked at me as if I was sick,
    When its partly your fault I've become this.
    You were always trying to bring me down,
    With guilt, remorse, and fakeness.

    You always said how horrible life was,
    How unfair and unlucky you are.
    Pushing your depression and guilt onto me,
    Making me feel as if I mean't nothing.

    You still do it to this day,
    But it doesn't affect me anymore.
    You broke me once,
    Shame on me if it happens twice.