• My tears are beginning to appear...
    As I fall to my knees,
    Watching as he began fading away.

    I could do nothing,
    Though my hands covered his wounds.
    Blood flowed openly staining my hand and clothes red.

    I stared at his blue eyes.
    Growling glassier by the second...
    It felt as if the world had stilled.

    The only one I cared for.
    Raised his trembling hand to my cheek.
    And gave me a half smile.

    I let go of his wound,
    And held his hand,
    Feeling his warmth for the final time.

    His eyes closed,
    And his hand dropped.
    I screamed.

    My heart tore in two.
    Nothing was left,
    Just a girl.

    But my soul screamed,
    Called for my heart to say.