• Light is full of hope, love, and belonging feeling.
    Dark says it is all those things.
    But it is not.
    I see people sometimes walking streets.
    With cigerettes.
    With beer.
    With a child in their stomach yet they are young.
    That is what the darkest does.

    It tell us things we want and it says it will give it to me.
    Like I want to fit in with everyone.
    Also I want things I can't have.

    So sometimes I chase after the darkness.
    But when I relize that darkness is hurting me.
    Sometimes with words
    Sometimes with feelings
    Sometimes with physical hits

    Than I turn to the light.
    Light forgive me.
    When I am with the light, I can dance, smile, and laugh.
    Yet the darkness comes again and again and again.
    This what I tell Light and Dark Game.
    I need learn in the end, it is up to me to chose what I want more.