• [The Mystery In Love[

    Love is a mystery,
    just listen to me and you'll see what I mean.
    He says he likes you,
    but yet he won't date you.
    Why is that?
    Does he think that you're fat?
    He gives you flowers and takes you on dates,
    but he always arrives late.
    He says he loves you,
    but he still won't date you.
    He says he doesn't want the title of "boyfriend"
    but he'll still take you out every now and again.
    He says he doesn't want to break your heart,
    but doesn't he know it hurts bad enough?
    It hurts when he says no,
    but even though he said no he just won't go.
    He just won't leave,
    he makes you still believe.
    Believe that someday you guys may be together,
    because you never leave each other.
    But still it remains the same,
    you stay friends as if he thinks this is a game.
    He treats you as if you are his girlfriend,
    but still says you're not dating.
    Love is a mystery...
    Do you see what I mean?