• You can watch me if you please
    Just keep your distance carefully
    I have
    been known to cause a fuss
    Regarding lines of love and lust

    My face,
    I'm told, is beautiful
    The face I see is pale and dull
    I think it's just
    because I know
    The pain on others I've bestowed

    So many men have
    praised my name
    To just be tossed as dross down drains
    I don't know what
    is wrong with me
    But breaking hearts comes naturally

    I count the names
    on hands and feet
    Ex-boyfriends who still pursue me
    Don't think I brag or
    boast of this
    The shame builds higher with every kiss

    I feel like a
    wolf trying to herd sheep
    Trying to help, but unconsciously I creep
    hunter at heart cannot be changed
    My heart is scarred, twisted,

    A psychopath whose ways are odd
    I tread the paths of errant
    I play with hearts, most oft my own
    My soul rebels against this

    The Heart Slayer was once my name
    I saw this all as fun, a
    Written on my books, my clothes
    "Heart Slayer" huge and

    The power that I wield hurts me
    Each time I hurt an
    It seems my heart's desires must
    Be safeguarded from my love and

    Perhaps one day karma will find
    me and my past will
    I'll meet a guy whose heart is strong
    And he'll break mine
    before too long.