• How can I feel without you?
    All I can feel now...
    is emptyness

    How am I supposed to sleep without you?
    I toss and I turn
    I try and I try
    but the dreams I once had
    those sweet sweet dreams...no longer exist

    How am I supposed to go on without you?
    I can't write like I used to
    I can't smile like I used to
    I cant laugh like the real me
    I can hardly convince myself its worth it

    How am I supposed to love...when its not you?
    No other man has touched me the way you have
    I have trusted no one with my glass heart, as I have laid it in your hands
    I can't bare the thought, of being in another man's arms
    I can not trust another man, as I have trusted you

    How am I supposed to accept your choice?
    You said you loved me, you called me your life
    I had so many hopes, of becoming your wife.
    You said you were sorry, you hoped we were 'cool'
    I should have known you would leave

    How can I think without thinking of you?
    You were my world, my heart, my love
    Now I can no longer say the things I feel
    And its driving me mad
    my head is pouding but I can still hear your words:

    "I'm sorry"
    "I never meant to hurt you"
    "I dont even wish to scratch your glass heart"
    "I hope we can still be friends"
    "I failed you"

    Why...dont I believe your sorry?
    If you didnt mean to hurt me....why did you?
    this my darling...is so much more than a scratch
    friends? I can not think of anything more than being in your arms...how can I be a friend?
    No. It was I who failed you.