• As I stare, down the abyss, I find myself
    He stares at me, eyes so familiar, but different
    Then I turn to see her, and he's there

    He's the one I hate, he does things to me
    God damn him, straight to hell
    I'd kill him, except I can't

    She always stops me, then he talks
    And I'm gone from life, and death
    Everything he is, I hate

    He gets to be with her, while I'm alone
    He shows the world what I've done myself
    He makes do his dirty work

    God I hate him, I want him dead
    Help me please, he's now here
    Watching me, controlling me

    I'm a puppet and he's pulling the strings
    I'm nothing but a tool for him to use
    He is evil, please somebody kill him

    He always mocks me, hurts me
    Makes me a slave, destroys me
    One day he will die, but for now
    He will always be the one

    He is my reflection.