• I’m only "Perfect" while the fire is contained...
    I'm raw emotion...

    in its purest form

    let me into you, and I will shatter your core

    I am an untamed beast.

    you can not control me

    I will not let you harm me

    my shield is unbreakable

    only ever to be broken once.

    my flames of wrath can destroy you

    my aura of passion will draw you in

    I have a greediness and a gluttony that is unrelenting

    I am a blue phoenix, let me fly to your heart

    let me live there

    and pump your soul full of the blood is so desires

    do you love me?

    what is love?

    I am love...I am everything...and everything is me

    we are all one, and one is everyone, and in everyone is me

    I am the rose, the stars, the sun, water, everything that is beautiful

    I am the bubonic plague, death...pure pestilence.

    I am the wind, and I am your mind...I gave you your thoughts.

    what am I?

    I am Emotion