• Have you ever had that person
    who u thought was the one.
    the one u played around
    every time you both had fun
    you reach over to grab his hand
    but all u feel is air
    he's gone he might come back
    but still.....he is not here
    i'll wait for you forever and i'll try to drag through life
    i will not lose this love
    i will not go without a fight
    it feels like my sun is gone
    there is only rain
    the happiness is over
    i dont wanna live another day
    i poured my heart into this passion
    i cherished all the moments
    but i dont care i just wanna go where he's goin
    he brings the best in me
    even the things i couldnt see
    he was the opposite of everything i knew i couldnt be
    but still he was my friend
    closer than no other
    i love you i wont forget you
    we'll always have each other