• Reflections of a Magic Mirror

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Who's the fairest of them all?
    You've always answered truthfully,
    Now please, by chance, could it be me?

    Why must the ugliest always own me??
    My dear, none are as fair as thee.

    Mirror, mirror, over there
    Which of those dresses should I wear?
    Your knowledge MUST know fashion well
    Now please, I simply must look swell!

    Surely, she's kidding! Oh well, guess not...
    Wear that plaid one there and you're bound to look hot.

    Mirror, mirror, tell me true
    Which of these is the better shoe?
    I can't decide, I'm getting stressed!
    Now please, which of these is the best?

    Stress?! Stress?! What would you know?!
    Those green stilettos are a go.

    Mirror, mirror, tell me swift
    Just how much weight should I now lift?
    I'm tired of my same routine
    Now please, I'd love to make a scene!

    You stupid, idiotic hag!
    I'd say the weight of a grocery bag.

    Mirror, Mirror, I must know
    Who should I choose for my next beau?
    Both are so cute, I dare not pick
    Now please, oh please, just tell me quick!

    Ha! I doubt either even LOOK at her.
    The muffin man's son, I know for sure.

    Mirror, mir—Why, how bizzare!
    My mirror's been shattered near and far!
    And look! Here is a note to read!
    Now please, who did this wretched deed?

    "So many questions, but none for me!
    Good-bye, cruel world, I'm finally FREE!"