• i replay those words..
    that you uttered that day..
    like a broken record..
    it can only play..
    that one small part..
    i forever cherished..
    three words..
    forever perished..
    because i know now..
    that's all they were..
    jus three little fillers..
    they were only words..
    but that's the problem..
    with believing in meanings..
    believe that behind these words..
    there truly are feelings..
    but we put too much..
    trust into words..
    we verbalize everything..
    so there's nothing unheard..
    we trick and decive..
    lie and fool..
    making people believe..
    that to them we are true..
    by uttering words..
    we all believe..
    means more than only..
    lies and deciet..