• An Ode to Raindrops-
    Raindrops are my solitude,
    trickling downward in small spirals.
    Drops on glass,
    waiting to be swept away.
    They are my escape,
    my escape from reality.
    I follow their paths,
    they lead me deeper,
    and farther from the world around me.
    The motions twist and turn,
    as the countless drops scatter.
    And I reach, slowly,
    trying to grasp those drops.
    Never have I caught one,
    not an entire one at least.
    I reach for them many times,
    but they splatter across my fingertips.
    At often times I ponder what would happen,
    what could possibly happen,
    if I were to catch one.
    Until that day I remain near my window,
    awaiting more droplets of water to fall,
    and escape my grasp once again.