• The Moon

    He looks at me with glinting eyes
    Looking deep he sees the lies

    The glitter like rubies, so hard to miss
    I lose them in a gentle kiss

    He tells I will be alright
    I believe on this freezing night

    But he keeps on looking darker, deeper
    The slope to it is getting steeper

    “No” I cry, and hide my face
    He quickens his search, at a faster pace

    It is pointless he always finds
    Something dark the evil binds

    Into the soul and burns it deep
    To all the good things, and darkness seep

    Over the good memories, and the thoughts
    And happy feelings of the sorts

    I look into his caring eyes
    And know I should confess my lies

    And from me flows a glowing light
    And sends me to the darkest night

    I wake up in his glowing hands
    He looks at me and then he stands

    He says goodbye and whisks away
    Now the sun is here to stay