• i want to scream your name from the top of my lungs,
    just so you'll some running to me.
    but i already know that the angel you have will steal you away.
    i want to talk to you everyday.
    just to see your face.
    but they say you love her
    and she loves you too
    i was here first what does that mean to you.
    i finally told and you can't say what i know you want to.
    i've been waiting a whole lot longer than she has.
    and i've been told that you wanted me too.
    and then i went and left you.

    now your daddy tells me
    you've got a whole bunch of girlfriends
    but i know that at some point you wanted me
    what happened to that boy?
    was cause you got tall
    was that why we lost it all?
    is it because we go
    to different schools?
    is it because you think your cool?
    why do you gotta lie?
    its not because your a guy.
    how come i keep asking myself "why"?
    why can't you tell me what i wanna hear?

    and i've known you since we were 5
    i asked you if liked me
    you asked why?
    i told you cause i wanna know
    i have asked you this before
    and you said no
    i think its time i've known for sure.
    you are literally the boys next door.
    everytime i want to jump that fence
    and kiss you until you kiss me
    for the best.
    i can't put this to rest.
    i remember the time we found a
    bird's nest
    and i cried like a baby because
    i thought the birds were dead.
    you grabbed my hand
    and said "everythings gonna be alright
    they arent dead, they found a new home
    and will be fine by the morning light ,
    dont cry tonight."
    and everything was fine.
    do you remember that time?