• This world is rotting
    And everyday I am forced to watch it
    To watch the human race sink,
    Further and further,
    Deeper and deeper into despair,
    Into sickness, and evil
    Forced to watch it all, just rot
    But, I have a plan, to fix this
    To fix this all

    I used to be a human,
    But I am now much more
    I am a God,
    A god that will create a new world,
    That will pass judgment,
    Upon all peoples
    Across all nations
    For I have power
    I have a book, a pen, a TV
    I can see the news reports,
    I will memorize the names, remember the faces
    And I will strike
    Forty seconds left to say your prayers
    And beg forgiveness

    Some may think this is evil
    That no person has the right,
    To kill
    But I must beg to differ
    For, only through death
    The death of all the in moral
    The in just,
    Can this world be cleansed,
    And the light shine

    I will be death,
    The great God,a protector
    The people call me Kira
    That is my name,
    My manicure
    Given to me by my fans
    My great supporters,
    And I wear this name with pride
    And when this world is finished,
    I will be prepared,
    To come out and rule before my people
    They will chant that name in the streets,
    Because I am no longer Light
    I am death,
    I am the all-seeing eyes of justice
    I am Kira