• The Stepfather

    I'm not sure how this started,
    but I know it could cost me everything and my life if I'm not careful.

    She's the heiress in my mind. She's the angel of youth.

    Lord forgive me.

    We're all visiting in the living room.
    I'm sitting next to my wife. She laughs along with everyone.
    I'm smiling.

    My angel is sitting on the couch in front of me.
    I cant help but watch her. I try not to do it too often.
    She's smiling.

    I watch as my stepson whispers in her ear.
    I can almost see the chills on her neck. He kisses her cheek.
    I'm jealous.

    I watch her reflection through the TV. I sometimes wonder if she's watching me too.
    My wife taps me on my thigh to get my attention to a conversation I'd rather died than listen to.
    Unless *she* wasn't here.

    Glance over at my angel again. She strokes my stepsons wrist.
    God, how i wish that was my wrist.
    There's no way he's good enough to have someone like her.

    I don't have a chance of being with this goddess.
    Even if I did, I have to think about how i could take her.

    She's not that innocent, from her body expressions.
    Her arm is laid over my son's lap, as her hand is in his.
    No innocent baby, would ever be that comfortable enough to get that close to a boy.

    I glance over at them again.
    My son has his arm around her. He barely strokes the side of her waist.
    She softly closes her eyes. I can see the sexual charge.

    My sons discreetly touches the side of her breast with his finger.
    I do the same to my wife. I copy everything my son does to her.
    I'll do anything I can just to feel like I'm in my son's shoes.
    This is getting bad.

    My wife removes my hand from her.
    I put my hands on my side. I'm slightly angered and annoyed from the rejection.
    I've got to get out of here.

    Hours later:

    Home at last.
    My wife is gone. She stayed at the party.
    I wonder what all they'll do?

    I didn't want to let my sons girl sleep over tonight,
    But with her parents split, and her father working late,
    How could you let this poor girl alone by herself?

    They are most likely in bed by now. She sleeps in the guest room.
    I made it for her. She used to sleep on the couch
    Thank god the door is shut.

    I walk into the bathroom. I need a cold shower.
    ... I swear my heart just skipped 2 beats.
    I see my angel.

    She turns around and jumps a little.
    She's wet in nothing but a towel.
    I can't leave.

    I slowly walk towards her. She does nothing.
    I take her hand and bring her closer to me.
    She does not reject, nor complain.

    I put my hands on her shoulder.
    Her skin is still hot from the water.
    I'm trying to stay clam.

    My hand slowly strokes her face.
    I get the hair thats clung on to her skin behind her ears.
    She does nothing.

    I kiss her neck.
    I suck the water off her skin. I touch her.
    Her eyes close.

    I can feel the chill bumps around my lips.
    She puts her hand on my chest slightly force. She goes to say something.
    Please say something. Say ANYTHING to me, please! I want to hear your voice.
    She says nothing.

    I pick her up and I take her to my room.
    There's no control over what I'm about to do to this girl.
    I'm must be sick.

    I place her warm wet body on my bed. I can't see a thing.
    I force her hands away from the towel. I take it off and touch her.
    She's beautiful.

    It's too dark to tell if shes enjoying any of this.
    All i can do is hear her breaths in my ear.
    God, I hope those aren't in pain.

    My heart's pounding so hard, I'm afraid it's going to come out my chest.
    Her nails tear into my waist. I hold her hands. Fingers between hers.
    I can't stop.

    I touch her body one last time. I love her tiny waist.
    I lay still for awhile. I'm numb.

    She's shaking. I rub her neck with my thumb.
    I decide its time for her to take her to bed. Her REAL bed.
    I put the towel back on her.

    I lay her down. I take of the towel again.
    Its cold and wet. I don't want her to freeze.
    I place her clothes on the bed.

    She's so tense. She wont move or look at me. I hope she's not crying.
    I kiss her lips. She wont touch me. I wonder if shes even alive.
    I leave with a cold feeling in my stomach.

    She never tried to stop me. I don't know why.
    I hope i didn't hurt her. I tried to be gentle.
    I don't understand.

    I don't know how I'm going to face her in the morning.
    I'm afraid of what her true expressions where in the dark.
    What have I done?

    She let me do anything and everything i wanted to do to her.
    I would of stopped if she said "no."
    I'm going to die for this.

    Even though she didn't do anything at all,
    She gave me the best night of my life.

    I'm not sure how this started,
    but I know it could cost me everything and my life if I'm not careful.

    She is my angel, my heir, my baby, my love. My Goddess.

    I love you.


    The Stepson

    I never thought I see this from her,
    My eyes are burned from the event. She was too go to be true.

    I should of never trusted her. I shouldn't have given her my heart.

    How could I be so blind?

    I sitting next to my girl in the living room at my families house.
    I made her come with me. I hate visiting with everyone.
    She's amazing.

    I would probably be fighting with everyone if she didn't come.
    She looks at me. Her face is red.
    I want to kiss her.

    I whisper in her ear. It doesn't matter what i say. She loves it.
    I kiss her cheek. I don't care if anyone sees us.
    I love her.

    She looks at the TV. She pretends to act interested.
    I put her hand on my thigh. We look at each other and smile.
    I love her smile.

    She rubs my wrist. I can't take my eyes off of her.
    I squint my eyes and smile at her.
    She loves that.

    I've had her for almost a year. There's no way I deserve her.
    I want to take her away and touch her everywhere tonight, but i wont force her.

    I move her hand over to my lap. I love making her uncomfortable.
    I can't help but laugh at her blushing sometimes.
    She's adorable.

    I put my arm around her, I breathe on her neck softly.
    I barely stroke her waist.
    She's warm.

    She tries to calm herself by watching the TV. I touch the side of her breast.
    She jumps. Her eyes bug out, and has a tight smile.
    I love catching her off guard.

    I love messing with her. I hope she doesn't take my action seriously.
    My intentions for her are serious, but I respect her's greater.
    I can wait.

    Hours later:

    Moms not home. My stepdad let my girl stay over. She's in the shower.
    I have to give her a towel. I walk in.
    So damn awkward.

    I stick my arm past the curtain and give her the towel.
    I wish she'd take my hand and let me in there.
    I help her get out.

    I look at her in the towel. I want to take it off. I can't.
    I want her so bad. I can't be by her right now.
    I leave.

    I walk back in my room. I lay on my stomach on my bed.
    I have to calm down. I don't want to hurt her.
    This is getting hard.

    I turn on the TV, and look for something to watch.
    I'll be alright when she has some clothes on
    I can't get her out of my head.

    I remember the first time I saw her. She hated me.
    She was the sweet student. I was quick tempered slacker.
    We were so immature.

    I wasn't the best kid. I turned violent when my father left my mom.
    Thats when *she* came into my life. She knew what it was like to not have a parent.
    I'm still on probation.

    Without her I'd be some sick junkie on the streets. Heroin would be my love.
    She helped me straighten out my life.
    She's my guardian angel.

    My funniest memory of her was our first kiss. It was also hers.
    We were alone on my couch. She kept trying to kiss me, but turned away.
    She's so innocent.

    I told her that I would never force her to do anything she didn't want to do.
    With that said she grabbed my face and kissed me hard.
    It was wonderful.

    For awhile I come out of my thoughts and notice that my girl's not here.
    I know she usually puts lotion on after the shower, but still...
    It shouldn't take her this long.

    I open the door. Shes not in here.
    The other door is open. She must of gone to bed.
    I hope i didn't scare her tonight.

    I'm a bit disappointed. I expected too much.
    I love her so much, but she probably sees me as just another horny guy.
    ... She left her clothes.

    I drop them on the floor in her room. I don't see her. Where is she?
    I walk threw the house. I cant find her. I hear something my parents room.
    Its dark.

    I stare in shock. My girl is in bed with my stepdad.
    Her hands are on his waist. Shes not trying to get him off.
    What.. the.. ********.

    My rage develops as i see him touch her body.
    I can't believe my eyes. She must be enjoying it.

    My stepdad gets off of her. I quickly walk to my room.
    I make a fist, gripped so hard, my finger nails penetrate my skin.
    Pain wont make me forget.

    I want to kill that man. I never liked him. He doesn't respect women.
    He took the only thing I ever cared about, from me.
    I hope he hurt her.

    I cant believe i was so stupid to fall for her. I knew she was too good to be true.
    My eyes are starting to water. I can't cry for that whore.
    I should had left her.

    How could she do this to me? I gave her everything.
    I did everything to get her love, with nothing asked in return.
    ******** Whore.

    She told me a long time ago that she wanted me to be her first.
    I wonder how many guys she's had. I cant believe she did this to me.
    I hope she gets pregnant.

    I want her to suffer. I don't want to ever see her face again.
    The vision of her and him replays in my head. I want to hate her so badly,
    But I can't.

    I never told her how much I loved her. I probably should of...
    I should of taken her when i had the chance.

    I never thought I see this from her,
    My eyes are burned from the event. She was too go to be true.

    She played with my heart, and here i was trying to be careful with HERS.

    I'm going to kill him.


    The Girlfriend

    I can't explain why or how it happened,
    I was too frightened to stop it, too scared to scream.

    I wont ever trust a man again. I can't bare to look at them.

    I wasn't ready.

    My boyfriend invited me to visit with some of his relatives.
    I was nervous about it at first, but everyone's nice and funny.
    I'm having a good time.

    I look around at everyone. I look at my boyfriend's stepfather.
    His eyes turn to me. I quickly look at my boyfriend.
    God, that was embarrassing.

    My boyfriend whispers something in my ear.
    I love his deep voice. He loves how i react. He kisses my cheek.
    I know what he's trying to do, and it's working.

    I wish they'd change the channel. I'm not much into sports news.
    My boyfriend takes my hand and hold his on his thigh.
    I love his hands.

    I stroke his wrist. He looks at me in the eyes, with a smile.
    I love it when he look at me like that.
    He's so sexual.

    We've been dating for about a year. I wonder if we should go to next level.
    The thought sort of frightens me, but i know he respects me.

    He moves takes my hand and holds it in his lap.
    I try not to look uncomfortable. He laughs at my reaction.
    I blush.

    He puts his arm around me.
    His finger tips touch my waist. I take a deep breath.
    I'm turned on.

    As my head turns away from him, he touches the side of my breast.
    I jump a little. I was caught off guard. I move his arm a little.
    God, I hope no one saw that.

    He always kids around like that, but he never brings up the subject of us together.
    The subject of us 'as one' worries me greatly, but I'm starting to want it.
    I think I'm ready.

    Hours later:

    I'm staying over at his house again. My fathers working late.
    I'm taking a hot shower. My boyfriend walks in to give me a towel.
    He doesn't open the curtain.

    He sticks his arm in with the towel. I take it.
    He helps me out of the shower.
    I wish he'd take me.

    I want to sleep in his room.
    Maybe since his mother isn't home his stepdad wouldn't mind.
    He leaves.

    The door behind me opens.
    I thought he would come back... That was quick.
    I turn.

    Christ, its his stepdad. I hope he didn't see my boyfriend.
    How embarrassing. I always hate walking into someone in the bathroom.
    ... He doesn't leave.

    He walks towards me. I try to walk backwards.
    He takes my hand and makes me get close.
    I'm uncomfortable.

    He touches my shoulder. What is he doing??
    I want him to leave. I have a feeling he's not going anywhere.
    Something bad is about to happen.

    He puts my hair behind my ears.
    I wouldn't be able to get away from him if i wanted to.
    Why is he doing this?

    He kisses my neck.
    I'm trying to stay calm. I'm try not to imagine what is to come next.
    I almost cry.

    He's touching me. His hand almost goes up my towel.
    I gasp and put my hand on his chest. I want him to stop.
    I look at him in fear. His eyes look at me in other ways.
    I can't speak.

    He picks me up. I want to break away, and scream for my boyfriend.
    But he's so much bigger and stronger than both of us.
    I feel so helpless.

    He puts me on the bed in his room. It so dark.
    He tries to take my towel off. I wont let him. He grabs my wrist and makes me let go.
    He's hurting me.

    This is the most painful thing I've ever gone threw.
    I want to cry more, but i fear he would get some sexual pleasure out of it.
    It hurts so bad.

    I try to push him off of me.
    He forces both my hands to each side of me, and holds them.
    He stops and lets out a soft groan.

    He continues to touch me. I close my eyes.
    I'm trying to deal with the pain. I am glad that he did it slow.

    I'm trembling as he touches my neck.
    He makes me sit up. He put the towel back on me.
    I wont look at him.

    He puts me on the bed in the guest room. He takes off the towel again.
    I fear he's going to do more. He puts my clothes on the bed.
    I avoid them.

    I can't move. I can't look at him. I'm too upset. It hurts so bad.
    I wish my boyfriend would of been the one to have done this. Never him.
    He kisses me and leaves.

    I roll over on my side and bury my tears in the sheets.
    I should of stopped him. Why didn't I? It happened so quickly.
    I should of stopped him.

    Why did he do this? Was it something I said? Did he find out i wanted his son?
    Maybe I made him think I wanted him, somehow. Maybe he's just sick.
    I am so confused.

    I don't want morning to come. I can't look at my boyfriend.
    I'm not sure how i would react to the man that just did this to me.
    I have to get out of here.

    I was in one year of heaven, and it took one hour to shatter it all.
    My first time wasn't supposed to be like this.

    I can't explain why or how it happened,
    I was too frightened to stop it, too scared to scream.

    I wont ever be the same again. No man will ever touch me again.