• You told me that you’d never leave me
    That you always wished for you to please me
    You told me that you would always be there
    You lied to me you didn’t care
    And now I’m standing all alone
    No one’s there I can’t go home

    There emptiness inside my heart
    There’s no hope left
    I need a new start
    You said that I would find my star
    I searched endlessly but it seems to far
    My heart is lost in endless darkness
    My tears no longer fall
    I’m through believing in fantasies and holding on to dreams
    I wish for this emptiness to be filled

    You left this world with out a word
    You left my soul in endless sorrow
    You told me to find someone to love
    And soar through the sky just like a dove

    One day I’ll spread my wings and fly away
    But you have to wait and see