• Should I Keep It or Should I Give it all away?

    Should I Countine This Road,Or Should I Start Anew?

    Should I wait,Or Should I Go and Leave This All Behind?

    Should I Love,Or Should I Hate?

    Should I Learn to Undertsand, Or Risk Lossing You?

    Could I Become Great?

    Should I Try?

    Does Anyone Hear Me?

    I Feel Alone.

    Will Someone Come And Comfort Me?

    Im Lost In The Halls Of The Confused.

    Should I Forget,Sould I Remeber,Sould I Loss Contral?

    Could You Forgive Me For Everything I Done To You?

    Could You Forget Me?

    I Could Never Forget You.

    The Memories Come Flooding Back Waking Me From My Sleep.

    The Memories Of All The Fun We Had All The Memories Of The Touble We Had.

    And I Wish We Could Have That Again.

    But That was Then and This is Now.

    Should I Call You,and Say Sorry.

    Should I Just Forget You?

    Im Fading away Without You.

    I could Say im Sorry.

    But Why?

    I Don't Know what I Have Done.

    I Should Let It Go.

    But I Wount.

    Im Missing You.

    I Love You!