Oh heart, so low that carries me
    Across the drifting sea to be
    Forever scared by misdeeds done.
    I shall not waist my life for none.

    Though, this heart is so scared, so low,
    It shall not tarry from all woe.
    Though I be bleeding endlessly,
    They, with their false words destroy me

    But they do not please me;
    They can’t for they are false follies
    If lies, deceit, and chaos reach
    My heart shall break, and will beseech

    The spirit that is on my side
    For him to always be my guide.
    But one day I know all too well
    My heart will break and blood will spill

    And soak the ground in crimson red.
    And they will find that I am dead.
    But I will be were lies can’t steal
    My heart, that the happiness heals.