• A Tree Hugger’s Passion

    Could you care a little less
    About the planet we call home?

    Our Mother Nature keeps us safe
    Held close within her warm embrace
    That shields us from the sunshine rays
    And nothingness of outer space.

    And yet, you disrespect her.
    Torture and neglect her.
    You strip her of her beauty
    Hectare after hectare.

    They say that ignorance is bliss,
    But blissful days have not been brought
    By the ignorance that lead to this:
    The Earth, our home, is left to rot.

    You’ve cut the throat of Gaia.
    Her blood’s been spewed across the land
    In the form of tiny woodchips
    Buried ‘neath the sand
    And the concrete foundation
    Of buildings and streets.
    So please, before you act,
    Think of the Earth beneath your feet.

    - Cheech Of Tears