• There was a time when I was flying high.
    I was once way up somewhere in the sky.

    My dreams were flying all over, limitless
    Until I fell in a pit of darkness.

    My wings that once could fly me all around,
    Have stopped and oh what a terrible sound.

    They are broken but now I have just found,
    I have left all of my dreams still unbound.

    And when I though they would escape from me,
    A loving hand caught them, oh so gently.

    And with that same hand He uplifted me,
    And swiftly carried me through the dark sea.

    And now I know my dreams may be still free,
    But he will always catch them all for me.

    And when I thought my wings had been broken,
    He told me that He had already fixed ‘em

    And that’s when I knew I didn’t need my wings,
    For He could catch my dreams, those little things.

    And that is why I wrote this simple hymn,
    So that I could tell all, my love for Him.