• i know how you've been feeling
    hollow and alone
    you dont know where who to turn to
    you're all alone
    you dont want to burden them
    with your fears and your strife
    its just that its complicated
    too complicated to confide
    but once again you find yourself
    turning to someone else
    it frustrates you
    to know that your not strong,
    you have to rely on others
    its been this way all along
    so once again you try to change
    and once again you fail
    is this what your doomed to be?
    some sad lost puppy
    never to be noticed
    or accepted
    or joined....
    just alone
    alone forever more

    come here my child
    not all is as it seems
    you are not alone
    for you have me
    i will not abandon you
    leave you all alone
    i shall give you warmth
    and the strength to go on
    when you are cold
    i will wrap u in warmth
    when you cry out my name
    no matter where you are
    i shall come
    no matter what you do
    no matter how far you stray
    i shall be behind you...
    for my son has paid ur price
    saved you life with his blood
    so you could be free
    to do as you wish...
    all i ask
    is if you wish
    to come live with me
    in streets of gold
    and riches galore
    that you accept my son
    as the leader of your life
    and as your savior
    to always be there
    when you call