• I dont really know what lies beyond the real world
    No one really knows If im a good kind of girl
    I dont really know if i belong where it seems
    I get trapped in other peoples sightless dreams

    I am blind to everything that people tell me,maybe if i wander i can look and see, if i just step off the edge of the wotld maybe et a better look at what
    I have done maybe i can follow your path lead me the way will you show me where we're goin'? Shoow me today

    Every night i look at you and think i am drowning, i look at you, you stare away i think that youre frowning but its alright dont go on cryin' as i am flyin,
    I love you forever and thats all that matters
    I am not dyin'

    I find you in my mind, you know what it means to be kind, you may not understand me, but i understand you and lets just say that i love you too

    Cuz all the time im blind-folded, without a doubt, i stare around look at the world, i just wanna shout but its okay dont worry you're doin fine, every one of your thoughts used to be mine

    But you will teach me your way i'll teach you mine, as long as we're together everything's fine and if you want to know me follow my trail, and If you wanna
    see me you know I'll be there.......