• “Can I have a hug?” he asks.
    “Can I have a hug on this gloomy day,
    the eve of the day I lost something,
    something that meant so much to me.”
    “What ?” she asks.
    “My heart…”
    “I lost my heart,
    on this same day my feelings went unsaid,
    those close to me changed and left me behind,
    and the world turn so much colder.”
    “The pain was so great
    it was eating me alive,
    the cold felt so sweet
    that I never wanted to move,
    and the darkness so comforting
    that I was hoping for death.”
    “But something inside me didn’t want that,
    and the price for escape from that
    was to lock my heart in chains…
    but I lost the key
    and what is truly me is disappearing.”
    “Why are you telling me this?
    What can I do?” she blushes.
    “Well Eva its simple
    can I be granted a hug.
    A hug from an earth angel
    that can me save me from hell.”
    “Why from me?” she asks in a quite voice
    “It is not simple.
    Its because I love you silly.”
    She reddens unable to speak.
    “So can I have a hug my sweet angel?”
    She looks up and the word he wanted to hear was said