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    Sawing you for the first time,
    My knees is weak as if it's going to break

    I cannot talk straight,seemingly to make
    A fool of myself in front of you

    Everyday,knowing that I was in love
    With you,the day is a new exitement to me

    The sweet aroma is freshly made as the day
    Once again,being reborn

    You are perfect for me,all I can think is you,
    You flutter my mind, I keep on smiling with you

    Your innocient is making me crushing on you
    Deeper each day,I love you

    I wanted to tell you that but I am nervous,
    Oh,I hope you get my shattering messages soon

    Your warmth continue to wrap around me,
    You're my own angel that I've been waiting

    If I can carry you in my arms,
    That would be a delight sensation

    My world seemed to brighten up with you beside me,
    You do not know how much I love you

    From head to toe,I love every bit about you,
    When you smile,I just wanted to reach your heart eagerly

    As I think of another strategy of impressing you,
    Putting all my love into you,I wanted to become more

    Even if others cannot see you the same as I see you,
    It's alright because I will always be on your side

    Those happy days spending with you,
    I'm happy I've meet you

    I wonder what would happen to me if I
    Didn't meet you?

    As the day is setting down
    Resting soundly,I wish you goodnight

    I don't believe my love for you will ever disappear
    Because you're my only special love

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