• Death of me.
    The World thinks that i'm no longer here.
    I'm like dead no one can see me hear me or feel me.
    The World can no loner see me.
    I'm like forgotten or dead to the world.
    I'm forgotten no one can see me no one can hear me.
    The point of me living is like no one would care if i'm here or not.
    I try the hardest to go through things that people never understand. I'm misunderstood no one understands me i'm forgotten.
    Death Of Me.
    You try to heal me but i'm still bleeding.
    The world tries to heal me but i'm still forgotten.

    I'm addeinted to the blood that runs down my wounds.
    I try to heal my wounds but they still bleed.
    I'll will never loose the sight of the blood of my wounds.
    My wounds will never disappear there here to stay.
    I try top fix my lies but my wounds become deeper as I try to.
    I feel my lies running down my wounds.
    The Death Of Me is just the begining.

    I will not forget this.
    I can't forget this.
    I'm just dead to everyone.
    No one can hear me or see me.
    The point of my Living is slim.
    I'm falling into the shadows hiding.
    No one can heal my wounds.
    My wounds are here and they'll never leave.
    I'm broken in pieces.
    There's no signs to help me through this.
    No one can be here next to me.
    I'm dead to them.
    I'm dead to this world.
    The world took everything from me. (Took everything away from me)
    No one can get me out of here. (Get me out of here)