• day,
    i slumber gently.
    by night,
    like a beast
    i prowl.
    seeking darkness,
    hating light
    i capture dreams,
    pale glass bubbles floating in the air
    outside windows
    above houses.
    a touch,
    they darken,
    ooze downwards,
    now a nightmare.
    i crouch,
    atop trees and bushes
    the leaves tremble
    are gone.
    i hunt onwards
    moon and star gleam eaten by my eyes,
    never again to shine.
    foolish river,
    chattering at me as i slink by
    a taste, my thirst gone
    then black ice becomes a gag
    for waters' silly gossip.
    do not tempt me.
    sleep soft and do not wake
    i am not for your eyes
    none has seen me.
    none will.
    i am not for your ears
    none can name me.
    none will.
    i am the darkness
    given form.
    the shadows
    taking shape.
    sunlight will hide me
    moonlight can't find me
    I am the Keeper of the Night.