• "Winter Ballet of Nature"
    Not every winter you see
    A snow like this
    This snow is unique
    Thin and shimmers like
    Flakes of crystal placed with care
    By angels above
    Each independent shaving
    Twinkles in the street lights
    Like a star in a snowy sky
    As I look out my window
    Bordered with delicate snowflakes
    Into the city flashing by like a
    Memory from long time ago
    I see millions among millions of
    Hand carved snowflakes
    Gracefully falling from above
    Onto a solid cold groung
    Of a winter wonderland
    It's almost like I was in a fairy tale
    When I step out of the car
    I feel the snowflakes dance in my
    Summer bleached hair and
    Walk along my eyelashes as I blink
    I wish every snow could be magical
    Like this ballet of nature

    By Sarah aka VampireGirlsRock95