• Baby, it sings
    through these egg shell walls
    the drowning voice of my

    my eyes used to be
    the color of coffee,
    but now they match the tiles, they are
    my tongue used to tie
    pink knots in your mind,
    but now it shaped these words
    my lips used to speak
    cruel words about existing,
    but now they slur so
    my pen used to write
    sweet rhymes while i wasn't thinking,
    but now it runs a track
    from your 6-string to my a**;
    i'm so f**king

    (why can't you just drop your pants and)
    kiss me
    with your eyes
    that match the
    sunrise, or
    taste me
    with that tongue
    that makes me feel so
    tempt me with those lips
    that force me to my knees, or
    scar me
    with that pen..
    or i'll scar myself again
    each time you ignored me, i
    gave my thighs a slice
    and each time you ignored me, i
    downed the pills and closed my eyes
    and each time you ignored me, i
    pulled my hair until the scalp bled,
    each time you see me bleeding,
    you're hot and ready to
    ( ) me again.

    and when we're done, you dress and
    kiss me, then leave me to my own
    so i slice until you adore me again..
    i slice.
    then soak up the juice with cottonballs
    mop up the blood
    from my kisses that
    sing to you through these empty walls.