• Romeo is sitting alone
    staring at the wall
    Juliette is on her window sill
    gazing down the hall

    Romeo knows she's staying out late
    She won't be back for a while
    Juliette hopes he'll come back sober
    so maybe they won't have to dial

    Romeo takes another drink
    Whats one more going to hurt?
    Juliette picks up a glass of champaign
    looks out at the crowd and dusts off her skirt

    Romeo picks up his jacket
    Strolling out the door
    Juliette walks backstage
    Only to get thrown to the floor

    Romeo walks to the harbor
    Thinking it's gonna be a long night
    Juliette cries to herself
    Wishing they didn't have to fight

    Romeo stares and wonders
    Wondering what he's living for
    Juliette looks in her mirror
    Wishing she wasn't so sore

    Romeo takes one more look
    Then falls over the ledge
    Juliette decides to play a game
    Only because she's at the edge

    Romeo is now lost at sea
    Never to be found
    Juliette is in her resting place
    Sleeping 6 feet underground