• As you sit,
    you sit in your chair,
    in front of your computer,
    not remembering,
    what or where,
    your suppose to be,
    you turn your head and see,
    you see the world around you,
    for the very first time,
    in a long time,
    you see how your world,
    has changed,
    has been,
    broken down,
    torn apart,
    and destroyed,
    over the past,
    thirteen years,
    or your life,
    and think,
    this is it,
    this is all I've done,
    for the past,
    thirteen years,
    of my life,
    and look,
    look where its got you,
    then you pick up a pencil,
    and you write a letter,
    you write this letter,
    to the world.