• I’m falling
    Into a dark abyss

    The girl that held me high in the sky
    Broke my heart

    Then I started falling
    Falling deep, deeper than hell itself

    I gave her my heart, I gave her my soul

    She played with my body
    While she made love with another man

    I ended with her
    But it back fired on me somehow

    She called me "a liar"; she called me "a cheater"

    But my best friend is the traitor, SHE was the cheater

    Not me....

    I flew.... Higher than any eagle
    But she shot my wings

    When she first engaged my best traitor in the battle of the tongues

    I pray for the day I see her in my arms, begging to take me back.

    So I can say.... What I should've said a long time ago

    But now I'm falling
    Falling in a deep abyss, an abyss that I will rot in... Forever

    Because my soul has been banned from this earth, but my body walks free without a heart

    For I left my heart behind, along with the remains of my being
    When she first kissed my brother

    She left me falling in a deep abyss
    So deep, that it almost seems bottomless

    But as I fall closer to the concrete floor

    My heart remains on earth, were it breaks more and more every day

    Until it can blow in the wind, Till I can find love again

    I shall forever fall, until I hit my concrete floor

    With lights sirens blasting in my face, I continue to fall, but they dont care enough to catch me