• Not dead
    But just transparent
    Like a lone spirit
    Always inherent

    Able to communicate
    But not say
    Have a purpose
    She can’t convey

    Dropped off
    In a distant dimension, just a ghost
    Depression at its worst…
    Unbearable to be the host

    Not alone
    Though the feeling in gross
    Without oxygen
    Drowning yet staying afloat

    Seeing all
    Never telling
    Sometimes whispers
    Sometimes yelling

    Breathing in the darkness
    The pulse a slow murmur
    Steady emptiness
    Can go no further

    Not returning
    To the high
    Pressing forward
    Does time go by?

    She can’t resist what’s taken over
    Completely surrounded,
    Still open
    Yet bounded

    Then, she is just transparent
    A lone spirit.
    Not there and never changing,
    Off the planet she can still hear it…