by UC Poika

    a fledgling fell to the ground, peeping for her mom,
    I picked her up and held her in my palm,
    a p***y cat smiled, the same as the tom
    but I stroked her with love and rubbed her legs with balm
    as the osprey screeched from a high circle in the sky
    and the crow let go of the caw he reserved for the dead
    so I built her a cage and watched as the time went by
    while my fledgling ate whenever and whatever I fed,
    but I grew to love my sweet lost little bird
    though weird inside for feelings filled my heart
    and passions burned like a forest afire (absurd)
    but she was a fledgling and I was old and tart
    therefore one day I'll open her cages doors
    and with bittersweet tears I'll watch as away she soars