• Standing on the edge
    Below the blissful sea
    Above the sound of birds
    Who are truly free

    A smile on her face
    A silent tear upon her cheek
    As she looks into the sun
    For there's nothing more to see

    She has one simple wish
    And she is not alone
    In this search for freedom
    Wanted by all around

    She laughs at her own thoughts
    And looks down to the blue
    She feels a place deep in her heart
    That wishes it were true

    She knows that this is right
    She gives one final sigh
    She looks up to the birds
    And waves into the sky
    She blows a final kiss
    She then says her goodbye's

    And as she jumps into the air
    The wind it feels so good
    She simply wants to follow her dreams
    As everyone says she should

    And as she slides into the blue
    Her dreams all come to mind
    And as her breath escapes her chest
    She believes that it is time

    No one saw her swim to shore
    But no one believes she died
    For everyone who was there that day
    Swears she flew toward the sky