• Things have been rough lately,
    For the both of us,
    You have had a bad time with people,
    And you know,
    So have i.
    People hurt us,
    Use us,
    Abuse us,
    But there are people out there in this world who,
    Love us,
    Cherish us,
    Hold us,
    Care for us.
    And i care about you.
    I want you to know,
    That even though we dont talk all that often,
    I am still always here for you.
    I will never push you away in a time of need.
    I will open my arms and comfort you when you need to be consoled.
    The horrible things that we have seen and heard and gone through,
    Will make our friendship stronger.
    You know why?
    Because when you have had a nasty day,
    When nothing at all has gone right,
    I will be here to make you smile.
    I will be here for you.
    And remember that all the bad things in life,
    They make us stronger.
    So dont give up,
    Remember that i am here,
    I will be the shoulder you can cry on.
    For however long you need.
    And please,
    Remember that i care about you.