• Though I saw
    I saw back
    When I was playing in the meadows
    My heart sunk into a million pieces it broke
    The scattered pieces of yesterday remain

    No memory

    The cold looks the people gave
    When I walked past through the crowd
    But though there was no end
    I fell to the ground
    But, no, I can't forget
    I can't forget the shadows
    I feel the warm hand grab mine

    No memory

    The years I forgot far back where I see
    No place in this world
    Wait for me, my love
    I don't see you on this never-ending dream

    But though I can't see you, though
    I feel your warmth heat my cold,
    empty heart

    This memory fades through the darkness
    I can see where you lay
    You lay beside me
    But you aren't there

    No memory...

    I can't find you...
    There's no remains...
    No memory