• The warm look on your face
    Broken the spirit in my soul
    My heart shattered into nothingness
    My life drained away

    The sunrise forgives
    As my eyes close lightly
    Fixing the hole
    That my memories of the past
    Had left long ago

    Broken through the dark
    Showing me the way
    My heart healed
    But where are you

    The touch of warmth
    That sparked through through
    Slowly dripped through me
    Shadows sleeping care-lessly
    Resting upon my soul

    The sunset releases
    The pain and rids me of it
    The pain of empty-ness
    But where are you

    Where are you?
    But I can't see the light
    It's too dark inside

    The moonlight rises
    The stars and gravity releases it's grip on me
    I know where you are

    The night passes through
    Like air, I can't see you
    But I know
    You are next to me