• I feel like every person I thought I knew
    turned a shoulder cold and blue

    at first they seemed a summers eve
    but as it goes it fades to night

    the days got colder and frost that'd bite
    they did too and filled me with fright

    they broke me off like ice from a windshield
    discarded and unwanted formed by crystal clear opinions

    the friends I once knew are now gone
    their hate they used left me battered and bruised

    now im made an impossible crimson black and blue
    doomed to be alone through and through

    the year turns round and new knowleage is found
    it never was a summers eve it had always been this cold winter sin

    they had lied and tried to hide their emotions
    for cruel laughs and misinterpretations

    now I lay in sharp sheets of ice
    buried and cold now too numb to try

    too numb to care

    in this frozen