• As she lay her head against the corner of the wall
    she daydreams of a place where no one bothers to explain what heartache is,
    Since no sort of pain like that exists at all.
    She is brought back to reality
    as he comes to mind,
    And all the times she wishes to rewind.
    She ponders how she loves him,
    When he did her so terribly wrong.
    She grabs the razor, making a mark here and there.
    Wondering, does he really care?
    He says he wants to protect her still.
    Will he notice these new "features?"
    But he never does to seem to truly care anymore.
    How can she be expected to believe him,
    When he can barely even talk to her these days.
    As she lays there with blood all around,
    she silently laughs.
    Contemplating how she cannot hate him.
    All she wanted was to feel his warm touch just once more,
    but there she lay dead on the floor.