• My heart beats fast
    My palms start to sweat
    I can feel the presence
    Of an invisible threat

    The light goes off
    A feeling of dread
    Because at last its time
    For me to go to bed

    My eyes are getting heavy
    It's getting hard to fight
    They call to me
    The creatures of the night

    Drifting me to sleep
    With their soothing lullaby
    I feel so weak and tired
    I let out a gentle sigh

    Underneath the covers
    I fall into sleep
    It's too late now
    I'm in too deep

    The deadly game
    Has just begun
    Now to save my life
    All i can do is run

    I feel their claws
    Scratch and tear at my skin
    The creatures of the night
    I know i cant win

    They love the sound
    Of my tortured cries
    As it rises on the wind
    Then slowly dies

    I manage to get away
    Running down an endless hall
    Screams from past victims
    And blood on the walls

    Heavy breathing behind me
    The creatures of the night
    The chase is on now
    Until morning light

    They're getting closer
    I can feel them near
    Hunting me down
    Sensing my fear

    I come to a door
    All bloody and scratched
    Panic rises
    As i struggle with the latch

    At last it opens
    Joy bursts inside
    Finally Ive found
    A safe place to hide

    I slam the door behind me
    I hear the creatures scream
    Oh if only someone
    Could wake me from this dream

    The door starts to shake
    From the other side
    I know they wont give up
    And there's nowhere else to hide

    Fierce like a pack of dogs
    Vicious and wild
    They like nothing better
    Then to taste the blood of a child

    They cannot be killed
    For they're already dead
    They can read your mind
    Every thought in your head

    The wood starts to crack
    They burst into the room
    It's all over now
    I can feel my doom

    The creatures of the night
    My skin, their claws scrape
    The pain burning
    And I cant escape

    I close my eyes
    And pray for light
    To chase away
    The creatures of the night

    When I open them again
    I'm awake from my dream
    And in through my window
    Sunshine streams

    I stare at my arms
    New scratches so deep
    So much pain caused
    When I fall asleep

    It's not over
    The creatures of the night
    Never give up
    Once they have you in their sight

    For now I've survived
    The deadly game
    But tomorrow night
    It begins again