• This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me
    The most important thing to me even over family and frinds
    My dearest treasure who was short lived but loved deeply
    With my heart heavy with sorrow tears flow through my eyes like rushing rivers. I was once very happy So happy that I thought nothing could hurt me but when she died I felt like my world crumbled beneth me. I was with her when she went to sleep I felt the warmth leave her body and as she became limp I realized that this is the last time I would ever have contact with her. I tried to wake her up and tell her I loved her but she had already left she is still here with me but I can not see hear feel or touch her. But I know she is still watching me as I cry. She is still trying to cheer me on. Always whispering in my ear
    "I love you" "don't worry I'm fine" "I love you"
    Now I must face my days with out her smile when I come home.
    I must go on knowing she will never warm me in winter.
    But I will at least go on knowing That my heart will never become cold and hard like Ice Because She'll alway''s be there to keep my forever winter a spring.