• It seems i've stolen
    It seems I've broken

    I stolen so many hearts that crush so hard with my words I want to say it wasn't right I'm so unforgiven let me help you. I know I brought the laughs I also brought the tears.

    I've hurt so many hearts
    I've use to lie to get what I want

    I want to help I want to restore what I took from all your lifes I'm no hero I'm no king let me fall if I jump let me get your hopes high I didn't mean to hurt you all I am so scared all I can say is I'm so sorry forgive me and let me fall.

    I've wanted to set you free before
    I've lost my hope to help

    I wanted to bring a smile to your faces. all I can do is crush you I should stay away I can't hide my feelings, for saving you from you're last breath. I kill all loss for my help I hate myself

    I miss the words from your mouth
    I shale set myself a side to help

    I well help you throgh the times that are like the ones I hurt you all with I know this isn't nesscery take my hand let me send you on you're way for you're feelings to be alright I shale set myself a side I shale I shale...