• Maybe if my memories fade away like my childhood did…
    Could I forsake the hate?
    Your flaws made me grow at a rate too fast to enjoy it
    The selfish way you acted made me avoid my own reflection
    Long nights, late mornings, red and blue lights
    My mother yells. My brother hides me
    He hides me from you...
    And from what you can do

    All I did was cry…
    Felling so weak and confused
    I didn’t understand why you smiled while we cried and bled
    The day we broke from you
    She said this was our new start
    That we were the three musketeers
    One for all and all for one

    Six years later and you still drink that poison..

    But this time there’s hope, for you and that disgusting disease
    Six years later I’ve learned to forgive and move on…

    Now it’s your turn