• Here I lay amid the roses
    Casting a gaze toward the sky
    While winds will whisper through the grass
    And the clouds would pass me by
    Time slips among the flowers
    As I strain my eyes to see
    The fairies that would take a dance
    Amid the stems for me

    Tiny feet on blossoms tread
    A perfect waltz to view
    Dresses made so intricate
    Blending flawless hues
    And then amid the flowing hair
    The jewels so fine to see
    Sparkling in the sunlight
    A rainbow jubilee

    Then pinks and orange stain the skies
    As the sun beings to fall
    The performers take a bow as one
    And I wake from my enthrall
    I turn my eyes toward the moon
    And the glory of the stars
    Watching as the show takes flight
    Setting off for worlds afar