• A butterfly passing by
    With wings of green and blue
    Fluttering without a care
    Ignorant; without a clue
    Never were the tears I cried
    Never was the pain
    Didn't know the way I felt
    The smiles I did feign
    Holding hands on a summer eve
    Or holding back my tears
    Fighting away all obstacles
    Cowering from my fears
    Lost and alone bedside
    I cry from deep in the night
    Curled up helpless I call
    To whomever is willing to fight
    Whomever may want to stand up
    And give me a will to stay
    But my cries were to deafened ears
    My screams too small in a way
    No one ever tried
    To reach out or understand
    You never tried to get inside
    Only holding the skin around my hand
    Finally I made my last cry
    A toast to death and peace
    Peace from the chaos in my mind
    As my soul is slowly released
    Laying upon the cold hard ground
    People walk by without a care
    While my eyes are fixated up above
    As I eternally stare
    At a butterfly passing by
    Everyone watching in awe
    But no one will ever see again
    What the butterfly never saw