• This brake in my heart
    Like the cuts on my wrists
    An agonising pain
    A scream released

    The tears streaming
    Running down my arm
    Twist and blur
    Tll all you see is red

    I see no hope of this pain releasing
    Its guilt has me
    Like the thorn on the rose.
    To dream of peace seems a joke

    But with time
    I know the bleeding will slow
    And the pain will fade
    Into a ever lingering burn
    Like the lasting impressionhe has left on my life.

    These scars will form
    Like road maps on my wrist
    But the largest yet reminds unseen
    Hidden behind this flesh and bone
    I fear the bleeding will never slow.

    This road map of scares
    Like the extended view of a city
    Thousands of tiny streets
    The main highway runnin through it
    It shows where I have been
    Buty not where I will go.

    This life is mine to write
    These scares are mine to show
    But I hid them away in shame
    Burning from the blame.

    I look to the future
    It is full of unknowns
    Hunted by my past
    the memory of you will never let go
    A visoual reminder still left to show.