• The Goddess of Night.

    The night rolls onto the hills like a mist straight from the grave. The hooting of the owls falls silent to the faint clicking of hooves on cobble stone...Do you hear it?

    The shadows grow from where we stand like weeds, they are growing! The air is colder as the sound draws close but we don’t run and hide. No, our legs bend for us and we bow to her beauty as she steps from the shadow.

    The night is her gown, the shadows her hair, the sky her eyes, and the magic her breathe; honored we are for before us she stand. Delicate fingers guide our chins to look up at her. We cannot look away.

    Born of the shadows, blessed with magic, she is the Goddess of Night. Proud she stands as he placed the land to sleep; powerful is the Great Mother’s daughter. This night we bow and looked up at her beauty. Honored we are to be in the presence of LoreKose, Goddess of Night.

    Praise be, my goddess.