• My Tears,
    Your lies,
    I feel nothing,
    But worthlessness and shame.

    It seems like I'm nothing to you,
    And I'm sick,
    Of you...
    Always blaming me for everything and make me think that it was my fault.
    And I'm sick of all the lies and the shame.

    So why?
    Why does it have to be this way?
    Sometimes I wonder,
    If you even really cared....
    But I guess,I was wrong.

    I was wrong to think your the one,
    Now that it's over,
    The lies will end now,
    And I hope the tears will again stop falling from my eyes.

    After all,after all of these times,
    I thought you really loved me,
    So I guess I was wrong,
    So this will be the end,
    The end of us.