• broken and battered
    splattered and tattered
    soul in shards, played the wrong cards
    shown in the form of razorblade scars.

    eyeliner tears
    vodka and beer
    make-up to hide her
    'cause there's a monster inside her.

    her eyes are blank
    she's got love to thank
    like a marionette, smokes another cigarette
    gambled her life on the riskiest bet

    finding love in all the wrong places
    same situations, different faces
    never the same since her daddy left her
    too bad he never told her she deserved much better

    left for dead bleeding on the streets
    whatcha gonna do when the ends never meet?
    screwed up once and there's more to follow
    a tragic fate that's hard to swallow.

    no one ever seems to look her way
    every time they do they turn away
    shunned by everyone she thought she knew
    ace of spades, that's your cue

    screaming not dreaming
    hard to find meaning
    giving up and stopped believing
    the hope she lost wasn't worth retrieving.

    all that's left is that back alley hangout
    seeing drugs as the fun way out
    forget everything her parents taught her
    when it seems like the only way to make her feel better

    found a boy and believed he was the one
    but he took her heart and was on the run
    she tried praying but God was never there
    slashed up her walls screaming how it wasn't fair.

    came home to her whore of a mother
    saw that man and knew he was just another
    killed her that night on the kitchen floor
    'cause she abused her role and could take no more

    faded remainders of sweet reminisce
    looked up to find nothing but emptiness
    tried to pull herself back together
    crushed under pressure, forced to start over

    emotionless face
    leaving no trace
    she lost the race, dead in last place
    shame like the blood on her pillowcase.

    staring up at the starless sky
    thinks about now and starts to cry
    they all smoke for fun but she smokes to die
    the last thing she wants is another lie.

    aching and quaking
    shaking and breaking
    thrown in the dust, no one to trust
    wondering why it's so unjust.

    sniffing cocaine, just couldnt refrain
    the powder that makes her go insane
    feels so good, zero pain
    driving fast on the wrong lane.

    colours flying, brain cells dying
    vision blurred and voices lying
    maniac laughter and let go of the wheel
    invites Death to take her, that was the deal.

    screaming in the backseat
    wishing she could repeat
    but nothing's gonna turn back
    keep speeding off track.

    cops bust in and raid her home
    saw her sitting there alone
    floor littered with antidepressants
    shattered bongs, no convalescence

    all alone and now she's pleading
    trying to stop the internal bleeding
    she calls someone without a name
    but now there's no one else to blame.